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Our children now live in a world where both K-12 public and private schools no longer celebrate Columbus day. They don’t get the day off and Christopher Columbus isn’t even discussed. It’s sad and disrespectful. This great explorer did after all, discover a new world– North America! Even though they are trying hard to erase the history of Christopher Columbus in K-12 public and private school’s , it doesn’t mean it will be erased from everywhere. It’s up to us as parents and guardians to pass this important piece of history down to our children. If we don’t, history WILL end up being erased.

Parents for America has created free Christopher Columbus printables for kids to help you and your child honor and celebrate Christopher Columbus and Columbus day. Pick and choose from four different worksheets (bio, coloring, crossword, and maze) or download all of them. We hope you enjoy!

To download and print, simply click on the links below to download.

Christopher Columbus Bio

Coloring Sheet



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