Critical Race Theory | Marxism-Based Evidence in K-12 public and private schools
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Critical Race Theory | Marxist-Based Evidence in K-12 Public and Private Schools

Parents find a variety of reasons not to be concerned with the possibility of critical race theory in their child’s K-12 public or private school. Some parents don’t believe it will ever reach their small town schools (in other words, they have not personally been affected by it yet). Some parents are busy and consumed, working to support their families. They are clueless to the fact that their K-12 public or private schools have been taken over by Marxist-based teaching and learning (Neo-Marxism).

K-12 Public and Private School Indoctrination

Yes, both public and private K-12 schools are indoctrinating young children. Not all of them are there yet but they will be. It’s occurring across the country in many K-12 public and private schools. It is quietly infecting our children’s schools while the majority of our nation is none the wiser. That’s exactly how Marxism works. The process requires sudden hysteria mixed with total chaos in order to distract the unknowing and innocent from this new Theory. How convenient and frightening.

The only difference between public and private is that private schools camouflage their Marxist-based teaching and learning strategies MUCH better than public schools. This system of camouflaging makes it so much easier to blindside parents with their own religion. Many parents flat out refuse to believe there’s Marxist-based teaching and learning occurring within their K-12 private schools (especially Christians). They have absolutely no clue and will even fight you regardless of being shown the Marxist-based proof. They aren’t able to identify specific evidence because they have no idea what they are looking for. You need to help them understand, you need to help them see.

You can expect school boards and superintendents to lie right to your face even while looking you straight in the eye. They’re either lying to parents or they have no idea what they have allowed their school districts, either way they’re majorly in the wrong and have no business overseeing children or any other human for that matter.

Oppose and Be Shunned

Oppose critical race theory and you shall be shunned in unimaginable ways. Your rightful opposition and concerns quickly turn you into an outcast. An outcast among your community and even from those you most least expect. This is yet another perfect example of how toxic critical race theory/Marxism is. The end goal is to divide and conquer our nation in order to demoralize, break, discredit, destroy reputations, and create outcasts of parents fighting for their children. It’s meant to weaken our country and unsuspecting people from within, it places targets on backs and guess who’s backs they’ve placed these targets on…PARENTS!

War on Parents

Critical race theorists and advocates call what they’re doing a revolution . Let’s call it what it truly is, a counterrevolution. It’s a flatout vicious war on parents. Parents are key to this fight because we are closest to the action. For this reason, it’s crucial that we expose every single thing we come across in regards to our children’s education.

Dismantle and Deconstruct

Dismantle/deconstruct (as critical race theorists and advocates like to constantly tout) everything that comes home from your child’s school (policies, homework, emails, newsletters, etc.) Dissect EVERYTHING and thoroughly RESEARCH it, I cannot stress this enough! As you break it down you will start to uncover Marxist-based evidence (Marxism influences and tyranny). Once you uncover one piece of evidence it leads to even more evidence (it’s one HUGE spider web!).

To Fight Critical Race Theory You Must Understand It

The key to spotting this evidence is within the wording. Research critical race theory, it goes by many different names. Learn the terminology inside and out. Learn everything you can possibly learn about it and then learn more. Become familiar with it. Once you’ve understood and seen critical race theory, it cannot be unseen. If you refuse to confront CRT headon or refuse to educate yourself on it, you’ll have superintendents and school boards walking all over you. They are waiting to pounce and they will stop at nothing to beat you down and to silence you. They are focused on quickly gaining the upper hand (ultimate power). DO NOT offer them even a glimpse of the upper hand. Parents can stand their ground and it does not require in any way creating a scene or violence. Stick to the facts. Use your solid understanding of critical race theory and Marxism as your weapon. Educate yourself and stand your ground, for your child(ren). In doing so you will also be standing your ground for all children across America as well as future generations.

Stay tuned for future articles outlining specific educational materials and resources containing CRT/Marxist-based evidence such as “Fluency Facts”. If you are experiencing pushback for voicing your concerns in your school district or would like to share evidence of CRT, please contact us. 

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