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Who’s responsible for providing the burden of proof? Schools boards or concerned parents? I think it’s fair to state that it’s a baseless repeal to pin the burden of proof (in regards to critical race theory) on a concerned parent by an elected school board member. This especially becomes more apparent when the elected school board member adopted an equity policy and hired an equity consulting firm. Below you will find one invoice from 1/1/21 and another from 3/1/2021, totaling $5,000.

Actually, let’s back up a moment, let’s be a little more specific here– the president of a school board, there we go. I am specifically pointing out this distinction here because supposedly in Illinois, concerned parents are only allowed to email the school board president, not any of the other school board members (even though each school board member’s email addresses are listed under their picture and info on the school district’s website). Back to the matter at hand. The fact that evidence of critical race theory can be found on a school districts website, the equity consulting firm website, and the Illinois State Board of Education’s website significantly increases believable doubt. “Come on Man!”

A school board member telling a concerned parent that the burden of proof is on them sure sounds justifiable until you realize that the evidence the school board member tells you to provide them with isn’t a rational one. If a parent fails to provide this specific type of proof this becomes the school board members ironclad proof that critical race theory does not exist and no misdoings have been committed by the school board. Why should a concerned parent accept a school board member’s vague answer when this individual is not only responsible for making the decision to act on these policies, but also oversees FOIA requests?

If critical race theory truly does not exist anywhere within the school district as this president of the school board insists and if the concerns raised by  parents and community members are substantially distorted and untrue, or apply to actions and decisions of which are valid and justifiable– then why would the president of this school board adamantly refuse to provide facts that verify and confirm that critical race theory does not in fact exist anywhere in their school district? Instead of providing proof, they provide a vague answer that states they are not teaching critical race theory to children in their school district. They demand that parents take their word on it because they’ve been in the education system for years and they know. That’s why they feel it’s appropriate to place the burden of proof on the concerned parents and community members. Okay, lol…if you say so.

Is it appropriate for the president of a school board to reach out to the mayor and Village trustees to demand that a parent is removed from a particular elected position because they publicly announced their concerns at a school board meeting and on social media? It’s not appropriate because it is irrelevant to village business. Better yet, does being elected to office automatically strip you of all parental rights the very second you take the oath of office and are sworn in? No, it does not.

After their unsuccessful attempt to defame this concerned parent, is it appropriate for the president of a school board to then resort to online stalking of this parent? No, it’s not. Why would a president of a school board resort to such inappropriate behavior? Isn’t the answer obvious? They’re looking for anything they can use (regardless of whether or not this information is relevant to what the school district is being accused of or whether it is true or not) in an attempt to once again defame the concerned parent. The goal here is to tarnish the parents name, reputation, and credibility. It’s a tactic commonly referred to as deflection. The point is to shift the blame onto the parent. It’s a poor attempt to make it look like it’s the concerned parents fault that the school district and board has lost public trust. It’s their concerns that have caused division within the community. All fault is transferred to the parent that publicly expressed their concerns and exercised their First Amendment Right. Inappropriate actions such as this by a president of a school board adds yet, more distrust, division, and doubt to preexisting doubts.

Is it acceptable for a concerned parent to start receiving anonymously sent packages from different stores and couriers over a span of almost two weeks (this occurs immediately after the parents voices their concerns with a school district, after a president of a school board does the above mentioned, and prior to this concerned parent removing their child from the particular public school district). Is it appropriate that these packages all contained school supplies? Even if an individual decided to send such items to a parent fighting critical race theory and forced face masks on children while at school and didn’t want to make it known who they were, wouldn’t you think the person sending the items would at least include a note with a personal message thanking the parent because they’re are fighting to protect children in the community? I’m mean at least, that’s what I would do in a situation where a parent has great concerns about their child’s school and education. Or was it a way for them to get a message across to that parent, “Here’s some school supplies, now get out of our school and shut up”. Or was it a poor attempt to make it appear that a Village board member is accepting gifts? Is it a coincidence? I don’t know–you tell me.

Should a concerned parent ignore the fact that teachers from the same school district wanted to speak with concerned parents about things going on in the school district that shouldn’t be happening? That these teachers are afraid to speak up because they greatly fear they will lose their jobs?

Is it appropriate for the president of a school board to email a concerned parent (from their school district’s email) late at night, threatening the parent with defamation if the said parent does not essentially sit down and shut up (stop posting their concerns and proof on social media)? Even worse, is it inappropriate for the president of a school board to admit to this concerned parent that they, along with certain members of the school district’s “equity” team, have been stalking this parent online? That the concerned parent is constantly being watched by them even in private social media groups? Did this school board member ever stop to think that maybe community members already made this parent aware of the fact that this is what this school board member has been doing all along?

Is it appropriate that the school board president threatens this parent by telling them that they plan to show up at the next Village board meeting in an attempt to embarrass the concerned parent while this parent is doing what they were elected to do (village business)?

Being that parent and community member concerns can be supported by official proof found on the school districts website as well as ISBE’s, the proof provided is as credible as any solid proof can get. Yet, this credible proof is not only ignored– it’s ignored without any meaningful explanation from the president of the school board. Why is that? Could it be that if this school board member actually did the job the community elected them to do, such as actually looking into the parents concerns opposed to saying critical race theory simply does not exist in the school district. Instead of doing the job the people elected them to do, this school board member chooses to paint a picture of the concerned parent as a monster. A monster who’s only reason for exposing the truth is supposedly for “political gain” and to cause division within their community. According to them, the parents reason has absolutely nothing to do with trying to protect their communities’ children and tax dollars. 

Is it appropriate for the president of a school board to tell this parent in so many words to mind their own business and worry about the new school they enrolled their child in this year (because this parent specifically removed their child from this public school district due their lack of transparency), even though this parent still lives within the school district? Is it appropriate for the president of a school board to base their accusation of supposed “political gain” off their assumption that this concerned parent is only raising these specific concerns with the former public school district? Essentially, the school board member is trying to make it appear that this parent is only picking on or bullying the former school district and board members. Their accusation of “political gain”and “bullying” greatly falls short when this parent has already emailed the head of their child’s new school with 25 questions (in addition to other emails) regarding critical race theory existing in their school.  

The more the president of a school board denies without providing proof that critical race theory does not exist in any way shape or form within the school district, the more doubtful their trustworthiness, denials, and accusations become.

If a school board has done nothing wrong by adopting a said “equity” policy, mission statement, and eventually strategic plan, if the “equity” consulting firm the school board chose to hire has absolutely nothing to do with critical race theory (and doesn’t advocate for critical race theory in any way) and if the Illinois State Board of Education’s new Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards have nothing to do with critical race theory in any way– Can the school district provide solid proof that the new changes to the school district that the school board and superintendent decided on are consistent will ALL necessary requirements needed for public trust?

If they indeed can, they would be able to easily verify that the accusations coming from concerned parents are in fact false. If they cannot (especially if they had four months to do so), it becomes pretty obvious that their unwillingness falls on them. Is the school district not willing to provide the burden of proof because their controversial actions and decisions are in part the direct cause of let’s say children in their school district not being at the appropriate reading level for their age and grade? Is it the direct cause of children in their school district being held back a grade this year? Of course not, they’ll blame it all on the pandemic even though we all know these issues were extremely apparent and very obvious prior to the pandemic. They say it has nothing to do with a school district’s failing educational system (despite this being the very reason for bringing so-called “equity” into their K-12 school district). Right, LOL.

How can a school board deny that critical race theory exists in their school district when the equity consulting firm they hired, provides materials and recommends resources that promote critical race theory, and advocates for critical race theory? It’s also important to note that the founder of this equity consulting firm also helped the ISBE develop their Culturally Responsive Teaching Standards.

Can Illinois school boards explain why  HB00080 SCH CD-K-12 BOOKS ABOUT RACISM  which will require Illinois children in K-12 public schools to read Ibram X. Kendi & Robin DiAngelo if the bill passes? 

Can a school board explain why their Equity Action Plan contains critical race theory?

Can the president of a school board explain why the school districts superintendent attended the Courageous Conversation Diversity Summit by the Pacific Educational Group which helps facilitate courageous conversations about race. Not only did the superintendent attend the summit, they also spoke very highly of it on their previous school districts blog. The Pacific Educational Group was founded by Glenn E. Singleton. This company and this man have had numerous lawsuits against them which span decades.

Federal Lawsuit Filed Over Biased Curriculum

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Can you say major liability for a school district and tax payer money?

Our K-12 educational system is in dire need of an overhaul. Children, parents, and communities deserve, need, and demand trustworthiness and transparency from their school boards (policies, intentions, routines, etc.). They do not deserve school board members advocating to infect school districts with so-called “social justice” nonsense that pushes progressive views, promotes activism and warps the brains of young children. 

It is unacceptable for a school board member to tell a concerned parent that they MUST take their word on it as long as proof of critical race theory cannot be provided by the parent from within the school district.

Do school board members not realize that maybe if they were transparent from the start with all of this and provided parents with solid proof that critical race theory is in no way shape or form part of their school district, that parents might have actually accepted that children will not be exposed to critical race theory in any way? Do they realize that parents most likely might have supported the inclusion of “equity” within the school district? Do they realize that in order for parents to accept this change, it does not mean that parents will riot, loot small businesses, burn down cities and police stations (like the domestic terrorists did during the summer of 2020 across the United States)?

How do school district and school board members expect these unwanted changes THEY chose, changes that have created so much hatred and division to magically result in community acceptance and unity? How do they sleep at night knowing they are feeding lies as truth to parents and their community? It’s obvious the school board and superintendent are unwilling to protect and defend their communities children from indoctrination and there unwilling to transparently communicate with parents and members of their community.

School board members should be advised that despite their supposed “well intentions”, they initiated all of this. Yes school board members, “you did that”. Once reasonable doubt comes to light that can’t be easily dismissed by facts, this is the point in which public criticisms arise and trust is lost. Once trust is lost, it’s very hard to earn it back. Parents and community members must be able to trust school boards, it’s important. If responsible school board members are not able to provide proof to parents and take accountability for their decisions and actions, then they do not have the support and trust of many parents and community members. Parents aren’t only demanding proof, they’re also demanding integrity and transparency.

There is major problem in the Illinois K-12 education system. Critical race theory has infected Illinois school districts and quite frankly, it’s disgusting that this problem in Illinois continues to be ignored. Virginia, New York, Washington D.C., and California aren’t the only “woke” states, Illinois is most definitely close to the very top. Hopefully more people will open their eyes/ears and actually start listening to this concerned parent.

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