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Here’s another round of evidence I’ve found on the Illinois State Board of Education’s website regarding their newly adopted ‘Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards’. *I have included information on the Illinois State Board of Education’s Steering Committee which includes IL Senator Karina Villa-25th District, IL Representative Fred Crespo-44th District, and IL Representative Marice West-67th District. Villa and Crespo are up for re-election in 2023. West is up for re-election in 2022. Remember this when you go to vote. I’ve included their contact information for your convenience.

While the media insists on constantly focusing on K-12 education in Virginia, New York, and California…what they really should have been focusing on this ENTIRE time is the state of ILLINOIS’ education system (and not just Chicago). I’ve reached out many times to news outlets and all of them were apparently too busy to even respond to me. What a shame, because they certainly missed a BIG one. Not surprising though, considering how Illinois has stayed under the radar on most things over the last two years. Apparently, the media doesn’t care about much else outside of Chicago or the Rittenhouse case. Who cares about the K-12 education in Illinois, or our children, their futures, and their lives. Who cares about the many parents, grandparents, and community members who’ve been fighting all of this relentlessly for over a year now. Who’ve experienced many sleepless nights, who’ve been flat out ignored, who’ve been defamed, who’ve been threatened, and told they’re selfish. Not the media, that’s for sure. Apparently, they’re only interested in states going into a big election or recall. Duly noted media…it’s been duly noted.

This information is not getting swept under the rug like other things in Illinois. If this information disappears from the internet (as so much has over the last two years) I’ve saved them to the Internet Archive and I also have screenshots of everything.

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