Recommended Articles

Recommended Articles and Resources (including PDF's)

Resources to help parents learn more about Critical Race Training in primary schools.

  • “Indoctrinating an Entire School System in PC Racism” (Manhattan Institute) | (Link)

  • “Radicals in the Classroom” (City Journal) | (Link)

  • “Spoiled Rotten” (City Journal) | (Link)

  • “Breaking Down Critical Social Justice Theory in K-12 Education” (New Discourses) | (Link)

  • “Biden Has Embraced ‘Critical Race Theory’ — but You Can Still Fight It” (Manhattan Institute) | (Archive link)

  • “Critical Race Theory in American Classrooms” (City Journal) | (Archive link)

  • “Public Education Has Gone ‘Woke’” (Manhattan Institute) | (Archive link)

  • “Biden Has Embraced ‘Critical Race Theory’ — but You Can Still Fight It” (Manhattan Institute) | (Archive link)

  • “Critical Race Theory in American Classrooms” (City Journal) | (Archive link)

  • “Public Education Has Gone ‘Woke’” (Manhattan Institute) | (Archive link)

  • “An Economic Theory of Whiteness” (Aero Magazine) | (Link)

  • “Are Micro-Aggressions Really a Thing?” (The Good Men Project) | (Archive Link)

  • “Dear White People: Please Do Not Read Robin DiAngelo’s ‘White Fragility’,”(Arc Digital) | (Link)

  • “How ‘White Fragility’ Theory Turns Classrooms Into Race-Charged Power Struggles” (The Federalist) by Jonathan Church and Christopher Paslay | (Link)

  • “Ibram Kendi’s Thesis Could Use a Lot More Rigor” (Merion West) |  (Link)

  • “Ibram Kendi’s Thesis Could Use a Lot More Rigor (Part II)”(Merion West) |  (Link)

  • “Is Whiteness Invisible to White People?”  (Areo Magazine) | (Link)

  • “Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility Theory Falls Prey to Logical Fallacies” (Merion West) |  (Link)

  • “The Epistemological Problem of White Fragility Theory” (Areo Magazine) | (Link)

  • “The False Dichotomy in Kimberlé Crenshaw’s Intersectionality” (Merion West) |  (Link)

  • “The Flaws in White Fragility Theory: A Primer” | Helen Pluckrose and Jonathan Church (New Discourses) | (Link)

  • “The Insidious Subtext of “Systemic Racism” “(The Agonist Journal) | (Link)

  • “The Orwellian Dystopia of Robin DiAngelo’s PhD Dissertation” (Aero Magazine) | (Link)

  • “The Problem I Have with the Concept of White Privilege” (The Good Men Project) | (Link)

  • “The Problem with ‘White Fragility’ Theory” (Quillette) | (Link)

  • “The Theory of White Fragility: Scholarship or Proselytization?” (Aero Magazine) | (Link)

  • “What Can A Jeopardy! Episode Tell Us About White Racial Illiteracy?”-The pitfalls of avoiding statistical analysis (Arc Digital) | (Link)

  • “White Fragility Theory Is a Bullying Rhetorical Tactic” (The Agonist) (Real Clear Policy) | (Link)

  • “White Fragility Theory Mistakes Correlation for Causation” (Aero Magazine) | (Link)

  • “Whiteness Studies: An Insidious Ideology” (The Agonist) | (Link)

  • “Whiteness Studies and the Theory of White Fragility Are Based on a Logical Fallacy” (Aero Magazine) | (Link)

  • “1619 and the Poisoned Well of Identity Politics” | (Archive link)

  • “A Review of the 1619 Project Curriculum” | (Archive link)

  • “To Tackle Critical Theory in the K–12 Classroom, Start with Colleges of Education” | (Archive

  • “Kick the ‘1619 Project’ Out of Schools” (David Randall) | (Archive link)

  • “The 1619 Project: Believe Your Lying Eyes” (Seth Forman) | (Archive link)

  • “The Economics and Politics of The 1619 Project” (Peter WoodPhillip W. Magness and Robert Cherry) | (Archive link)

  • “The New York Times Revises The 1619 Project, Barely” (Peter Wood) | (Archive link)

  • “Washington Schools Reject The 1619 Project” (David Acevedo) | (Archive link)

  • “How Critical Race Training is Harming K-12” | (Link)

  • “How Critical Race Training is Harming K-12” (Highlights) | (Link)

  • “A Matter of Facts” (Atlantic) | (Link)

  • “Mandatory Implicit Bias Training Is a Bad Idea” | Lee Jussim | (Psychology Today) | (Link)

  • “Critical Race Theory in K-12 Education” (RealClearPublicAffairs) | (Link)

  • “Parent’s Guide and Resources to Fight Critical Race Theory” (United States Parents Involved in Education) | (Link)

  • “Social Justice Comes to Math Class” (Wall Street Journal) | (Link)

  • “There Is No Apolitical Classroom” (City Journal) | (Link)

  • “Not White Fragility, Mutual Responsibility” George Yancy | (Patheos) | (Link)

  • “Psychology’s Favorite Tool for Measuring Racism Isn’t Up to the Job” Jesse Singal | (The Cut) | (Link)

  • “Teaching Robin DiAngelo’s ‘White Fragility’ Will Get You Sued” | Adam Mill | (The Federalist) | (Link)

  • “The Creators of the Implicit Association Test Should Get Their Story Straight” | (Jesse Signal) | (Intelligencer) | (Link)

  • “The Dehumanizing Condescension of White Fragility”-The popular book aims to combat racism but talks down to Black people | John McWhorter | (The Atlantic) | (Link)

  • “What To Read Instead Of ‘White Fragility’ “| Mark Hemingway | (The Federalist) | (Link)

  • Heartland Institute (Center for Education Opportunities) | (Link)

  • Parents Defending Education | (Link)

  • Stop School Indoctrination Now | (Link)

  • What Are They Learning? (K-12 curricula watchdog organization) | (Link)

  • “Beware: New Civics Mandates Will Be Woke”By STANLEY KURTZ (Link)

  • Illinois Civics

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching

  • ISBE DLRT Network Meeting Notes

  • CivX Now | “A Projects of iCivics Implementation In Illinois- What States Can Learn from How Illinois Implemented its 2015 Civic Education Law Implementation In Illinois”

    Jacob Berkman, (One Allen Communications)
    With contributions by Celia Alicata, BrighterGood Consulting (Link)

    CivXNow is the national coalition of mostly leftist action-civics-oriented groups run by iCivics. a major force behind the effort to impose woke action civics on the country at large. They and their coalition partners look to Illinois as a model of what American civics should be. (National Review)

    “Equity in Civic Education” White Paper |Generation Civics and iCivics (Link)

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