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Stop CRT In Illinois

Stop CRT In Illinois is a sister organization of Parents For America. The purpose of Stop CRT Illinois is to join powers and expand across the state of Illinois. So far, 34 Illinois counties have partnered. We are aiming to have representation in every Illinois county. We will update this map when new counties have partnered. *Please contact us to get your county added to the map.

We are focused on the pedagogy associated with CRT, rather than the ‘theory’ or intellectual framework of CRT. Our goal is to disrupt, dismantle and root out this system of indoctrination in (race-based, anti-racist education) Illinois K12 schools. CRT is biased and we do not aim to defeat CRT with a different form of bias (in other words, overly broad anti-CRT bills).

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Stop CRT in Illinois | Parents for America

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